I know you are tired of your low back pain

You've got places to go, goals to accomplish, and a life to live. BUT you're constantly hindered by your nagging low back tension that tells you otherwise. With this course, you will learn all the essential yoga therapy tools to manage your symptoms so that you can take control of your day.

Course curriculum

3 video practices to help you alleviate low back tension throughout the day

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from your instructor
    • How to use this course
    • What you need
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Video 1: Get Movin', Get Groovin'!
    • Morning Sequence: Get Movin', Get Groovin'
    • Morning Sequence Handout
  • 3
    Video 2: Unwind and Ease
    • Evening Sequence: Unwind and Ease
    • Evening Sequence Handout
  • 4
    Better than Coffee Break
    • Video 3: Mid-Day Sequence: Better than Coffee Break
    • Mid-Day Sequence Handout
  • 5
    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
  • 6
    • Bonus: Self Massage
    • Guided Relaxation: Spine Awareness

Why choose this course

  • Your own schedule

    Not all of us have one consecutive hour per day to devote time to ourselves. That is why I've broken this up into 3 short segments and videos so that you can feel better in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Restore your body

    Relieve tension through your low back with a variety of practices that release, stretch, and stabilize, so that you can restore your strength and resume activities that you once loved to do.

  • Learn and integrate

    Not only will you have 3 videos with accompanied handouts to help decompress your low back, you will also receive educational information and mindset rewiring woven throughout to help you further support your body from a holistic approach.

Social proof: testimonials

“I have struggled with lower back issues and tightness in my neck, glutes and hamstrings, working with Elaine has been more impactful than any medications or physical therapy. ”

Melanie L.Melanie L.

“I feel like a new person. I have full mobility in my left hamstring and have not felt any lower back pain in over a month. I recently joined a gym and started playing tennis after almost two years of fear, all thanks to Elaine.”

Jatin K. Jatin K.

“My nagging back pains have substantially subsided. Can't say enough good things about her.”

Tom C. Tom C.

“I’ve done PT, chiropractor, acupuncture, weight-training. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 20 years, so ultimately I came back to my yoga practice. It turns out that most of what I was doing, including the type of yoga that I was doing, was actually making things a little bit worse and tightening my low back even more. I found Elaine on a whim, and after a few sessions, I immediately experienced relief from the stiffness. It has been unbelievable.”

Jeff L. Jeff L.

“I have since been sleeping better, rowing with out feeling like I'll pull my back out, and actively being engaged into my well being than I had ever understood before.”

Rachel M.Rachel M.


  • Elaine Oyang

    Elaine Oyang

    Certified Yoga Therapist

    Elaine Oyang is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance Experienced Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Advocate offering her services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2013. Elaine holds a degree in biology, a comprehensive training in holistic nutrition, and over 1000 hours of training in yoga therapy, including hundreds of clinical hours. She specializes in of Restorative-style Yoga Therapy (Svaroopa Yoga and Spinal Release Yoga) to help clients manage chronic pain and fatigue. Her area of focus starts from nurturing the nervous system in order to resolve symptoms at deeper levels and rejuvenate from within. She believes in meeting her clients where they are, and compassionately supporting them through personalized yoga therapy sessions, stress management, and lifestyle coaching. When working with her clients, she always has these end goals in mind: To empower her clients to believe in themselves and to independently be able to manage and resolve their pain with strategic yoga therapy methods.