You've got places to go, goals to accomplish, and that new workout class to check out. BUT you're constantly hindered by your nagging low back tension that tells you otherwise. With this course, you will learn all the essential yoga therapy tools to manage your symptoms so that you can take control of your day.

Imagine that you can finally: 

  • Wake up feeling refreshed because you were able to sleep through the night
  • Get up in the morning without tension or tightness 
  • Say yes to the activities you once loved to do and embrace new activities you've been wanting to try
  • Manage your symptoms before a full flare-up that otherwise would send you out of commission for a few days
  • Go through your day confidently knowing that your body can support you

Don't let your low back pain become the new norm. Let me show you how you can manage and resolve your symptoms with simple, practical ways in as little as 20 minutes per day.

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About the course

What you get

  • Four accessible 20-30 minute yoga therapy sequences designed to help you manage your low back pain anytime, any day

  • Educational videos about the spine and how to better take care of this important structure in your body!

  • Guided relaxation recordings and breathing practices to help you relieve tension from your body during or at the end of your day

  • Simple stress management tools to prevent stress-induced flare-ups

  • A 30-page workbook that takes you step-by-step on how to set up your home and work environment to better support the body that you love

  • Lifetime access to the course with downloadable contents. Revisit the course anytime when course materials are updated!

Course curriculum

More than just yoga classes, but a complete lifestyle and postural remapping for sustainable success. Gain the tools, resources, and support you need to feel more in control of your low back pain so that you can feel AMAZING. Every. Single. Day.

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Lesson 1: Identify
  • 3
    Lesson 2: Balance
    • Lesson 2: Balance
    • Morning Yoga Therapy Sequence
    • Lesson 2 Task
  • 4
    Lesson 3: Delegate
    • Lesson 3: Delegate
    • Evening Yoga Therapy Sequence
    • Lesson 3 Task
  • 5
    Lesson 4: Rest
    • Lesson 4: Rest
    • Lesson 4 Task
    • Guided Relaxation - Rest within ease
  • 6
    Lesson 5: Evaluate
    • Lesson 5: Evaluate
    • Day / Office Yoga Therapy Sequence (no mats required!)
    • Desk Ergonomics
    • Car Ergonomics
    • Lesson 5 Task
  • 7
    Lesson 6: Commit
    • Lesson 6: Commit
    • Model Self-Care Calendar
    • Need additional support?
    • More resources for you
  • 8
    Bonus resources
    • Before you go...
    • Plank Pose for Core Strength
    • Alternate Nostril Breathing for Calm Focus
    • Guided Relaxation - Spine Awareness


Additional support added in when you start this course.

  • One 20 minute call with Elaine


    Chat with Elaine anytime during the course to help you further personalize the program to your needs or to answer any questions you have.

  • Downloadable videos, PDFs, and audio recordings

    $300 value

    Download your favorite videos, teachings, and sequences directly onto your laptop or smartphone to access anytime, anywhere.

  • Email access to Elaine

    Questions about a particular lesson? Email Elaine at, and she will personally answer your questions!

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Preview of practices

Please consult with your physician before proceeding with the exercises. The following manual is not meant to diagnose or heal back pain or chronic pain, and are merely suggested ideas to potentially help manage the symptoms.  Do not stop or start any medication or supplements without seeking medical advice.   


One-time investment for lifetime access

What others are saying

“I have taken innumerable back and restorative (spinal release) classes from Elaine. She is fantastic. Elaine is an exceptional communicator and provides individual attention. The results have been great. My nagging back pains have substantially subsided. ”

Tom C.Tom C.

“Elaine is amazing! She is so calm, relaxed, and professional all at the same time. She worked with me in helping reconnect to parts of my body that were "turned off" because I was overcompensating for past injuries. I've worked with many yoga professionals over the past 10+ years, but no one with the depth of knowledge Elaine possesses about yoga therapy, anatomy, and chronic pain management. ”

Allen H. Allen H.

“I have begun to see vast improvements in both my chronic pain, energy output, and overall outlook on life. It has been an overwhelmingly positive and restorative experience and I cannot recommend Elaine enough to anyone who is looking for help with their pain symptoms or even just stress management.”

Sivan R. Sivan R.

“Within just a few sessions with Elaine, I began to feel energized, flexible and strong. She speaks clearly and succinctly making it easy to follow instructions and emphasizes asking questions to ensure clarity. She is up on the latest research available (all my other providers ask me to share with them what she says!). In the days following a session with Elaine, I remember exactly what she recommends for my body because it feels so very good. I am grateful to Elaine for her instruction and for working with me to give my body the love and nourishment it deserves. Do yourself and your family a favor and get in front of Elaine and SEE THE DIFFERENCE!”

Christine K.Christine K.


  • How often should I practice these sequences?

    Regularity and consistency are key here! Clients who commit to regular practice of 4-5x per week see the most results. I've designed 4+ practices in this course so that you can pick and choose 1-2 that works best for you. If you have limited time, stick with one sequence/practice for a week or two and see how you feel. Then choose the next sequence and stick with it for another 1-2 weeks. Results may differ with the variety of sequences and with the different types of back pain. Overtime, you will gain an understanding which ones your body loves and responds to most effectively.

  • Can I practice these sequences if I have diagnosed back injuries?

    As with all movement-based activities, please consult with your physician before starting this course. In addition, book a call with me on to chat and see whether this course is right for you.

  • Can I practice all the sequences in one day?

    Yes, absolutely! These 20-30 minute sequences are also designed so that you can integrate them all into your day. Of course, use your intuition wisely and listen to the feedback your body gives you. If your body feels particularly fatigued, tired, or sore that day, do not push yourself into doing all of the sequences, and instead opt for the Evening or Restorative practices.

  • What do the sequences and practices look like?

    The sequences are all fairly gentle and slow-paced, with lots of alignment cues and meticulous instructions to help keep your body safe while you reap the benefits of the yoga practice. However, if something does not feel right while you practice, please stop immediately

Take charge of your symptoms

Don't let your low back pain hinder you again

I'm ready!


  • Elaine Oyang

    Elaine Oyang

    Certified Yoga Therapist

    Elaine Oyang is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance Experienced Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Advocate offering her services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2013. Elaine holds a degree in biology, a comprehensive training in holistic nutrition, and over 1000 hours of training in yoga therapy, including hundreds of clinical hours. She specializes in of Restorative-style Yoga Therapy (Svaroopa Yoga and Spinal Release Yoga) to help clients manage chronic pain and fatigue. Her area of focus starts from nurturing the nervous system in order to resolve symptoms at deeper levels and rejuvenate from within. She believes in meeting her clients where they are, and compassionately supporting them through personalized yoga therapy sessions, stress management, and lifestyle coaching. When working with her clients, she always has these end goals in mind: To empower her clients to believe in themselves and to independently be able to manage and resolve their pain with strategic yoga therapy methods.